Sunday, October 28, 2012

London, Days 41-43

Friday, I slept in until 10 before going for a run, eating breakfast, and heading downtown to finish off my last paper, meaning all that I have left to do between now and Thursday is edit them so they are ready to present.  I actually just missed the Patriots, in London to play a game, who did their walkthrough practice near my school building in Hyde Park.  After finishing my paper, I took the bus home and ate dinner before going for a nice long walk - despite the cold.  I went to bed around 12.
Saturday dawned ice cold, literally - it was 31 degrees when I woke up at 6:30 in order to go for my run.  The reason that I got up early to run was because we were planning to go to Windsor Castle as a group, which meant catching a 9:20 train out of Paddington station.  Windsor castle is a huge, sprawling medieval fortress outside the city and is nearly 900 years old, which makes it the oldest functional royal residence in the world.  We took the full tour before having lunch at a pub called the Duchess of Cambridge, which of course had a picture of Kate Middleton.  Upon my return to London, I went down to the Marble Arch to do some exploring, and as luck would have it, ran in to three Patriots - defensive tackle Vince Wilfork (and his wife), linebacker Dont'a Hightower (Roll Tide) and defensive end Chandler Jones (no funny line).  I went home after that and had dinner before relaxing and having a nightcap with my friends and then going to bed.
Saturday was equally cold and windy, though I went for a run anyway after getting up at around 11.  After eating breakfast, I edited my papers for a while before going down to Piccadilly Circus and watching Manchester United beat Chelsea 3-2 in a thrill-a-minute, goal-filled, controversial game.  After that was over, I had dinner and watched a little of the Patriots game before heading home, having a drink with some friends, and heading to bed.

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