Friday, October 5, 2012

London, Days 18-20

Wednesday was a work day, as it will be for most of the semester.  After waking up at 9 and going for a run, I headed down to the school office, where I could work in the quiet and without distractions.  That gave me the chance to do a significant potion of another paper as I tried to chip away at the five papers that I have to do between now and the end of the month.  After working, I went out to the farmers market with some friends to buy some vegetables before having dinner, watching some TV, and calling it a night.
Thursday, I had class from 12 to 5 after my run, closing my week of classes with my two toughest sessions.  After doing a little bit of work when I got home, I had dinner and headed down to Regent's Park to meet up with some friends of one of the kids in my program, which was a great time.  After hanging out at a pub for a while, we all headed home before bed.
Friday was another work day, as without classes for anyone I went down to the school office and prepared my two presentations that I have to do in class next week.  After heading home around six, one of my friends in my flat cooked us all a big dinner and we closed the night watching some movies. I also bought some tickets to say the English National team play San Marino at Wembley Stadium on October 12, which is crossing an item off of my bucket list.

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