Sunday, October 14, 2012

London, Days 27-29

I got up early on Friday morning, going for a run and eating breakfast by 10 AM in order to get some work done before heading to Wembley to watch England later that night.  I finished two of my papers that afternoon, and at 6 myself and four friends got on the tube and went northwest to England's national ground. Wembley is massive, with room for 90,000 people and a giant metal arch spawning across the top from one corner of the oval to another.  The game was excellent, as England trounced San Marino, the worst team in the world, by a 5-0 score.  Even cooler was the fact that my favorite player, Wayne Rooney, captained the squad for the first time in a meaningful game and scored two goals.  It was crossing an item off of the bucket list.
Saturday dawned ice cold, with temperatures in the low 30s but not quite freezing. I waited for it to warm up until around 10 before heading out for my run, which was actually quite nice once I got in the sun. After running and eating breakfast I went to the local pub, where I had a small bite to eat and worked on another paper as I try to get work out of the way with my trips coming up in November.  After working I came home and ate dinner before watching Step Brothers with the kids in my flat.  I closed the night by taking a long walk, going from the Tower Bridge all along the river until I came to Westminster and Big Ben.  From there, I walked up The Mall to Buckingham Palace before getting on a bus and heading home.
I slept late on Sunday, not getting up until around 10:30.  After running, I went back to the pub for my first English Breakfast of the trip, which was well worth the wait.  I did some reading by the fire at the pub until going back to the flat and relaxing.  I closed the day by heading downtown to watch some football with a bunch of friends at 6, and went to bed around midnight.

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