Friday, October 19, 2012

London: Days 30-34

Following my day off on Sunday, I slept until 11 on Monday before going for my run and having breakfast.  Because in a change of schedule, I had class on Monday for the first time during my session, which took place at 3.  After class, we went home as a group and all cooked dinner together, eating around 8.  I closed the day by doing some reading for class the next day.
Tuesday, I had to get up at 8 to fit my run in before classes, as they start at 10:30 on Tuesday in order to accommodate the full day of lessons that are planned on that day.  I was in class from 10:30 until 5:30, at which point I went to the grocery store to buy myself some dinner.  After cooking and eating, I worked on one of my papers for a while before watching a movie and heading to bed.
Wednesday was a work day, as I had no classes all day.  After heading down to the school building near Buckingham Palace, I was able to finish more than half of one of the two papers I have due on November 1st, which is the day that my international trips start.  After working until 5, I went home and watched England play their second World Cup qualifier of the week, although this time they drew 1-1 in Warsaw against the Poles.  After eating, I did some more reading before calling it a night.
Thursday, I woke up early in order to go down to the tube station and renew my travelcard, which had expired after a month, as the ticket office would have closed before I would have been able to buy a new one if I waited until after my run. After going running, I ate breakfast and took the bus down to Green Park, where I walked to class in a nice change of pace.  After class, I stayed in the school building and did some more work before heading home and eating dinner.  I went for a walk after dinner before doing some reading and heading to bed.
Friday dawned wet and warm with a forecast for worse rain as the day went on, so I had to go for my run early in order to avoid getting absolutely soaked.  After running and having breakfast, I went to go get a haircut up the street before going downtown to do a little bit of work.  After that, I headed home, ate dinner, and relaxed with friends as I prepared for my trip to Manchester to see United play early on Saturday morning.

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