Thursday, October 25, 2012

London, Days 36-40

After my trip to Manchester on Saturday, I took Sunday as a rest day.  I slept until noon, before going for a run and watching a movie.  Around 4, I went grocery shopping and had dinner before taking the bus down to Piccadilly Circus to watch football.  At the sports bar, I met up with some friends, and we watched Houston and Baltimore before the Patriots played the Jets.  Around 12, I went home to sleep.
Monday, I got up at 9 and went for my run before eating breakfast, getting some cash from the ATM, and then heading downtown to do some work.  I started my final paper, due November first, and worked until 5, at which point I went for a walk in Hyde Park before going home.  At home, I ate and then hung out with the kids in my flat before doing some reading, writing a column, and heading to bed.
Tuesday, I had to get up extra early in order to fit my run in before class, which was moved up to 9 because the of a scheduling conflict with another teacher.  Class ended at 10, at which point I had almost five hours to kill until my next class.  In order to do that, I went and had some lunch with the kids in my group before watching the full debate and doing a little bit of writing.  After class ended, I headed home and ate before doing some more work and heading to bed.
Wednesday was another class day, although the evening was far more eventful.  Two of my friends from Trinity were in town on their fall break from Rome.  I met them across the River in the Borough area, where we watched some soccer at a pub before having dinner at a restaurant about five minutes away.  After dinner, at around 9:30, we took the tube to Trafalgar Square and walked to the sports bar, where we hung out until around midnight before heading home.
Thursday was great, as I was able to sleep in for the first time all week.  I went for my run before heading down to the school building for my two sessions between 12:30 and 5.  After class, I went home, watched some TV, and cooked dinner before writing this blog.  When I was done, I continued to chip away at my final paper before going to bed.

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