Tuesday, October 2, 2012

London, Days 15-17

On Sunday, I slept in late before going for my run and then doing some homework, knocking out about a third of one of the five papers I have due in the next three weeks.  Following work, I headed down along the River Thames to have some drinks with a friend of mine visiting from DC at a pub near St. Paul's Cathedral, which was a great time.  After that, I went back to my flat and ate dinner before watching some football with a bunch of flat mates upstairs.
Monday was a work day.  After sleeping in a little bit and heading for a run, I went downtown to the school office and took advantage of the free internet to knock out half of another paper.  It felt good to get some of these out of the way, even if it was only part of the requirement, if only to say that I had done some tangible work.  Around 5, the parents of one of the kids in my program took a bunch of us out to dinner at an Indian restaurant in Aldgate, which was delicious.  I've never been partial to Indian food, but this was really good and it was nice to spend time with kids in my group.  Following dinner, we went back to the flat and hung out before going to bed.
I had to get up very early on Tuesday in order to fit my run in before class, which runs from 10 AM until 6 PM on the second day of the week for me.  Following class, I rushed home and got a little more work done before heading to the pub for a nightcap prior to bed.

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