Sunday, September 16, 2012

London, Day 1

Good morning/afternoon/evening.  Today marks my first day of my semester abroad in Europe, where I am studying at INSTEP in London.  My plane arrived almost an hour early, at 6:30 AM local time, for probably the first time in recorded history.  That meant that I got off the plane in a completely empty Heathrow Airport, with all of the signs from the Olympic Games still shining brightly.
I had to sit in Paddington station for about two hours while waiting for the appropriate time for me to arrive came, as I was well early from my plane's arrival.  I finally made it to my flat at around 11 AM London time and did nothing but hang out as I waited for the rest of my group to arrive.
After everyone got to the flat, we went out grocery shopping before meeting some of the other students in the same complex as us.  We closed the day with a trip to a local pub, the Prince Alfred.


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