Thursday, October 11, 2012

London, Days 24-26

Tuesday, I had class from 12-5, as my morning class was cancelled because of a charity meeting.  I took advantage of my longer-than-normal morning to sleep in a bit and go for a longer run, which was very nice.  After getting a bite of breakfast at a local bakery, I finally headed downtown to class and had two sessions.  After class, I went down to the phone store to add some minutes to my pay as you go phone before heading home and cooking dinner.  After eating, I did a little bit of work before watching a movie with some friends and heading to bed.
Wednesday was a work day.  I slept until 8:30 and went for my run before eating breakfast and going down to my school office.  I was able to work until 5, at which point I went for a walk near Green Park before getting on the Tube and going home.  One of my flatmates cooked us a very nice spaghetti dinner, and after eating, we relaxed before going to bed.
Thursday was my other class day, with sessions meeting from 12:30 until 7.  After class, a bunch of friends went down to the Chelsea Ram, a pub in - wait for it - Chelsea - for dinner and some drinks.  Chelsea Ram is a pub that I've been to several times with my family when we visit, so I wanted to take some friends there.  The food was absolutely delicious and very filling, and was reasonably priced.  After dinner we stuck around for a few drinks before going home and heading to bed around 11.

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