Thursday, November 1, 2012

London: Days 44-47

Monday was a busy day, as I did my best to keep up with what was going on with Hurricane Sandy while also finishing off the papers that I had due on Tuesday.  I spent the majority of the day downtown at the school building, typing my way through a final 1,000 words and then going for a walk.  After finishing my work, I went home and watched the news before relaxing with friends, eating, and going to bed.
Tuesday was a class day, as I had sessions all day from 10 to 6 following my run and eating breakfast.  I also sent in my absentee ballot.  After class was over, I went home and ate dinner before doing a little bit of reading.  But the best part of the day was going to Marble Arch to watch the new James Bond movies, Skyfall, with two friends.  We went to a late showing, around 10:30, and the movie was very good - I won't say anything more because the movie has yet to come out in the States.
Wednesday I woke up to some terribly fascinating pictures from the Hurricane, as it ravaged my grandfather's house on the Jersey Shore.  I woke up extra early to sort through some of the pictures before going for my run and eating, then going downtown to finish the papers that I had due on Thursday.  After finishing that up, I went home and packed for my trip to Paris the following night.
Thursday dawned bright and cold, and I went for my run early before going to print my papers for submission.  In class, we watched movie called "Catfish," which was about fake Facebook identities and was actually quite scary.  After classes were over, I went home and ate before finishing off packing and heading downtown to London Victoria Coach Station for my bus, under the chunnel, to Paris at 9:30.

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