Friday, November 30, 2012

London: Days 72-76

Following my return from Rome Sunday night, I readied myself for what was to come: two weeks of work in order to finish my assessments on time.  Monday was the first day like that, as I had no classes but was downtown by 11 AM following my run and breakfast in order to get part of one of my three remaining papers left.  I was able to do so successfully, and went to bed that night following a bit of relaxation and a walk in my neighborhood.
Tuesday was more of the same, except I had classes most of the day and then we closed the night with our closing dinner as a group.  We went to a very nice french restaurant off Oxford Street, looking at the beautiful and famous Christmas lights that line the shopping road in the heart of the City.  While there we had a great meal together and even saw a famous actor, whose name I neither remember nor could spell.  We didn't get home until around 11, at which point I went to bed.
Wednesday and Thursday were more of the same, with classes and work all day as my time in London continued to wind down and my need to finish work mounted.  By Friday morning, I had been able to finish all but the edits for four of my papers, meaning I had one more to write.  I spent Friday doing some Christmas shopping and getting about half of that paper done, but couldn't go for much of a walk that evening because of how cold it had gotten in the city - down to about 35 degrees during the day.  That night, I cooked a big dinner for myself and a friend and we watched "The Departed" as I got ready for a Saturday of work and sports, with both Man U and Alabama holding big games Saturday.

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