Friday, November 16, 2012

London: Days 58-61

After my relaxing Sunday, I woke up early Monday morning in order to go for my run and then begin working on my papers, five of which I have to complete in the next four weeks before I come home.  After eating breakfast, I was downtown at the school building by 11 and got a great period of work in, which was refreshing and made me feel better about my ability to get it all done on time.  At 4:30, I went for a short walk before getting on the tube and heading home.  After buying groceries, I cooked dinner and did a little more work before heading to bed.
Tuesday I had to get up early again so that I could be at INSTEP in time for my classes, which stretched from 10:30 AM to 6 PM.  After class, I went home and cooked dinner, then heading out for a quick drink with a few friends.  After coming home, I booked a gondola trip to the top of Titlis in the Swiss Alps during my trip on to Zurich on Saturday.  After that was done, I went to bed with another early day on tap.
Wednesday was another class and work day, with my law session scheduled for 10 AM.  After grabbing lunch at a Pret at noon, I went back to the school building and sitting in on an Ethics class with some of my program-mates, which was about the Environment.  After class was over, I did a little bit more work on the paper before going home, cooking dinner, watching a movie, and going to bed.
I slept in late on Thursday, not needing to be downtown until 12:30 for my only class of the day.  Before I went to class, I had to go to the local UPS store to print out my airline tickets to go to Zurich and the ticket for my gondola trip into the Alps.  After class, I finished off one of my papers except for some final touches before going home, having dinner, and watching "Anchorman," which is a classic whenever you see it.  After a little reading, I watched the movie "Valkyrie," which I had never seen before, and was on TV, before heading to bed and getting ready for Switzerland.

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