Thursday, November 22, 2012

London: Days 65-68

After getting in late on Sunday night and not sleeping until 2 AM, I slept in a little bit until 10 on Monday morning before waking up, going for my run, and eating breakfast.  After breakfast I went down to the school building in order to crank out one of my papers, and I got a majority of it done before going home and buying groceries.  I put my groceries away and watched some TV before heading out to dinner with a friend, and we went to a very good Italian restaurant that was a short walk away from our flat.  We didn't get back until 10, at which point I was tired enough to go to bed.
Tuesday was a class day, meaning I was up by 8 and in class after my run and breakfast by 10:30.  When classes were released at 5:30, I went home and cooked dinner before watching TV and continuing to chip away at my paper.  I then made my final reservations to get from the airport to my hotel in Rome over the weekend before talking to some friends back home and then going to bed.
Wednesday, I slept in again before carrying out my morning routine and going to a 2 PM law class.  After law class, I finished up my paper before going for a short walk around Hyde Park and then taking the bus home.  Stopping at the grocery store to get the ingredients for my part of a Thanksgiving potluck, I then went home, ate, relaxed, and went to bed after watching Billy Madison.
Thursday, I went to school on Thanksgiving for the first time in my life, with my IR class scheduled for noon.  I got a paper back after that class, which was nice, but then went home to cook twice baked mashed potatoes for my friends.  We all had dinner at 6 PM local time together in my friends' flat, and then I retreated to my room, packed for Rome, and watched football until going to bed, having to get up early on Friday to go to Rome.

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