Thursday, November 8, 2012

London, Days 51-54

Monday morning dawned ice cold, so I slept in a little bit until it warmed up before heading out on my run.  After eating breakfast and watching some US election coverage, which was very good in the UK, I went downtown in order to begin working on my second set of papers, due in only four weeks.  I worked until around 5 before going for a short walk and then heading back to the apartment to eat dinner.  Following dinner, I did a little bit more work and chatted with friends before going to bed.
Tuesday, I had to get up early in order to fit my run in before class, which I had from 10 until 6.  After returning home following my classes, I ate dinner and did a little bit of grocery shopping before working on my papers some more and beginning to watch election coverage as the results crept in.  I went to bed with Mitt Romney in the lead about 33-3 in electoral votes, as it was 1 AM my time at that point and I was exhausted - but I was also totally unsure about who was going to win.
I got up at 7 London time in order to check the results and again in order to fit my run in before my 10 AM class.  After class let out at noon, I got a small bite of lunch before doing some more work on one of my papers as I tried to knock some of it out with a busy final month abroad.  That lasted until about 4:30, at which point I took another walk in Hyde Park before heading home on the tube, eating, and packing for Prague.  After watching a movie, I went to bed at 11.
Thursday morning I slept in before going for my run and eating some brunch.  After finalizing my packing, I headed down to class, from which I left for my trip to the Czech Republic directly at 2 PM.

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