Thursday, September 6, 2012

Nick Saban Doesn't Give a Damn

This showed up on Around the Horn today so I went and looked it up.  Nick Saban went off during his Wednesday afternoon press conference in Tuscaloosa.  It's worth the view.
Basically, the entire national media has been talking about how good Saban's Crimson Tide is since they embarrassed Michigan on Saturday night during the Cowboys Classic.  People are already predicting a second consecutive national championship, and Saban, like always, wants nothing to do with it.  Predictably, Saban laid in to the media that are writing off Alabama's next opponent, Western Kentucky, already.  And people have a problem with it. Here's the thing about Nick Saban: he literally could not care less what anyone thinks about him.  Saban wants to coach his team and the only people whose opinion he cares about are Kirby Smart, Doug Nussmeier, his coaches, his athletic director, and his players.  He know's he a jerk.  But being a jerk is what's made him the best college football coach of his era and arguably the greatest of all time.  BREAKING: the Alabama football team is really, really good, and it's because of Nick Saban.  He can do what he wants in that city.  We now return you to your regular weekday programming.

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