Sunday, September 23, 2012

London, Day 8

Today was a very quiet and slow day.  After a trip earlier in the weekend and spending Saturday night downtown, I wasn't up to do much.  As usual, I woke up around 10 and went for a quick run, just barely avoiding my first London deluge of the fall.  After grabbing a quick lunch, I headed downtown on the tube to watch some soccer, as Manchester United played Liverpool in the most storied and decorated rivalry in the English Premier League.  Watching the game in a giant sports cafe was something else, especially with all of the fans of Liverpool that were there.  United won the game, albeit controversially, but three points are three points.  Even better, Manchester City were held to a draw at home by Arsenal.
Following the game, I returned to my flat and had a very nice dinner of chicken, potatoes, and mushrooms that one of my roommates cooked from scratch.  After dinner, I relaxed for a while, watching movies and football as the rain continued outside, before heading to bed.

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