Wednesday, September 19, 2012

London, Day 4

Today was another relatively quiet day.  I was able to sleep in for the first time during the trip, dozing until around 10 AM local time before getting up and going for my run, which was colder than usual as the temperature reached 39 the night before.  Following my run, I had breakfast and checked my email, pretty standard for that time of day.
After breakfast, I headed downtown on the tube in order to buy a pay as you go phone, which is exceedingly less expensive than just using text and phone on my iPhone.  I had a lot of time between when I bought the phone and my only class of the day, so I wandered down to Buckingham Palace and Clarence House to look at the guards and talk up some other tourists before heading over to class.
Following class, I went back to my apartment, had dinner, and hung out with some friends before heading to bed, preparing for my trip to Poland on Thursday afternoon.

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