Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ryan Braun Proves Everyone Wrong With Magnificent Season

"Steroids made me good." - Someone not smart
This past winter, Milwaukee Brewers superstar Ryan Braun failed a random MLB drug test and was given the automatic 50-game ban that accompanies such offenses.  The failed test came after a spectacular season which saw Braun win the National League MVP award, which immediately made people believe that Braun was a) a cheat (probably true) and b) needed steroids to get good (which makes no sense).
But Braun, who maintained his innocence, won his appeal on a technicality because of a sample handling violation.  As a result, Braun was allowed to play the full season.  In spring training, people talked about how he would fall off the face of the earth without his steroids and the Brewers, who had just invested in Braun with a massive contract, were screwed.

Joke's on them.
The Brewers were screwed for other reasons, but Braun, 28, has followed up his tumultuous offseason with arguably the best season of his career.  He has hit 35 home runs as of this writing, two off his career high, and is on pace to hit 44.  He has the third highest OPS of his career and the second highest slugging percentage of his career.  He's on pace to tie his career high in RBI.  But yeah, steroids fueled his success.
This is the thing with steroids.  They are despicable and a way to cheat.  They also have nothing to do with a players' ability to hit a baseball, which is the hardest thing in sports.  Braun's power has increased after the failed steroid test, which should wipe out any and all ideas that players only god good because they took steroids.  Maybe their power increased, but the ability did not...and ability is what counts.  Go Ryan Braun.

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