Monday, August 13, 2012

HockeyyInsiderr's Podcast is the Funniest Thing Ever

If you've been on Twitter at all today as a hockey fan, you're aware of the ongoing fight between fake rumor monger "@HockeyyInsiderr" and a 16-year-old OHL scout, Jonathan Kyriacou, who has busted the "Insiderr" as a 17 year-old-kid who lives in Montreal.  You can read that article here, and also Deadspin's post on the matter here.
As he has since the beginning of his account, "Hockeyy" as fiercely denied these allegations and has pointed to his track record of throwing massive amounts of manure at the wall until something sticks.  Finally, he was called out by another internet rumor man, Incarcerated Bob, who offered the "Insiderr" a chance to go on his podcast.  The ensuing 25 minutes is absolutely hilarious - check it out after the jump.
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During the hit, "Hockeyy" refuses to answer simple questions, while also claiming to have been drafted into the NHL in 1993.  At one point he takes over a minute to answer Bob's question about the city in which he ("Insiderr") was drafted.  (It was Quebec City, by the way).  This is after telling the show and its listeners that he was drafted in 1993.  Laughable.  It's obvious to anyone with a brain that HI is full of crap at this juncture, but watching a supposedly 17 year old try and mask his voice to sound 35 while falling backwards over his own lies is gut busting.   #BOOM

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