Monday, August 13, 2012

Did this Hawaiian Runner Miss the Bag?

I saw this video this morning on Facebook from last weekend's Little League World Series qualifying. Check out the video below.

I've never been much of a fan of the LLWS. Ever since I was a kid and Danny Almonte threw that perfect game as like a 17 year old, something about Williamsport has thrown me off. This right here is exactly why.
I mean seriously?  These Hawaiian kids have probably dreamed about this moment their entire lives.  For most of them, this is their one shot at making news in their state, the country, and maybe the world.  Last inning, two outs, runners on base with a chance to be a great story.  But no, instead one kid is a goat because Angel Hernandez over here wants to call a 12 year old out on the fact that he maybe missed third base by an inch.
I know what the rule is.  I played baseball my entire adolescent life (oh, and saw exactly zero appeal plays work, ever).  Was the kid out? Maybe.  Probably, even. But I still hate this.  The LLWS and youth sports are about how one team wins, not the other one loses.  There is no chance that umpire was 100% sure that he missed the bag.  None.  Let the kids play the game, blue.

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